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VIOLINS ~ click blue text links or thumbnails at left for more photos ~
10976 Alois Reidl 4/4 violin, model HC602R, good quality German student instrument with fine tuning tailpiece. $640.00
13090 4/4 violin, (used, early 20th century, European.) This is the instrument on which Scot claims he wore out his expounding membrane. Sam says the fiddle has a nice clean resonant tone, and I noticed that the top has been replaced. Price includes old hardshell case and our one year warranty. $495.00
12333 Mysterious handmade violin; we suspect 19th century American origin. This violin has good tone and elegant fittings; field tested and approved by Jerry Weene. $2,200.00
13214 Old violin with rounded Tyrolean f-holes and illegible Teutonic-looking label. Very nice player, freshly set up with excellent fittings. Finish can best be described as ''antique amber moonburst.'' This fiddle sounds really good. Comes with a quality hardshell case and bow. $924.00
14162 4/4 Strad copy violin with beautifully flamed two piece back; extremely graceful neck. $900.00

13996 John Johnson violin (used, 1940) made in Allentown Pennsylvania just before WWII. Wear patterns in the original crackelure finish indicate that it was used for many years by an advanced player. Comes with rectangular case and two well used bows. $790.00

14310 "Manufactured in Berlin" 4/4 violin (used, early 20th century.) Decent European pre-war workmanship, very nice ebony fingerboard, pegs, saddle, nut and end button, complemented by figured maple back and sides; quartersawn alpine spruce top. Purfling appears to be French, but what do I know? $525.00
13248 John Juzek 4/4 signed violin (used, c. 1950.) Great tone and excellent antique appeal. $1200.00

14387 4/4 Violin labeled "Leopold Witthalm, Nurnberg." Freshly set up with new pegs and bridge. $500.00

14644 Early 20th century Stradivarius copy violin, made in Germany. Economical student instrument for old-time fiddling. $180.00

13488 Cremona Maestro Series SV-1240 violin, ebony fingerboard, boxwood chinrest, tailpiece and pegs, a very good student instrument, made in China, comes with a hardshell case and bow. $695.00

15093 Anonymous mid-19th century 4/4 violin. This is a somewhat mysterious instrument; one expert thinks it's a New Hampshire instrument of the Abraham Prescott school. Another says it originated in Germany. Wherever it came from, it sounds fabulous! Comes with case and bow. $595.00

14549 German 4/4 violin (used, c.1930) Stradivarius model, with two-piece flamed maple back. Sides and neck are also figured. Spruce top is perfectly quartersawn, and has very even grain, approximately twelve lines per inch. Original finish is intact, and nicely polished. $300.00

14563 Lignatone 4/4 violin (used, c.1950) long Strad pattern, made in Czechoslovakia. Nice beginner violin, with old hardshell case and freshly haired German bow. $339.00

14187 European violin (used, c. 1900-1920) of humble origin, new strings and bridge; good starter fiddle. $195.00

14803 Ton-Klar Herrmann 4/4 violin (used, pre-WWII) comes with hardshell case and Glasser bow. $250.00

13057 Beautiful 4/4 violin stamped "Villaume a Paris" on the very lovely two piece back. It also has a 1789 Strad copy label inside the back. $595.00 (As-Is)

15116 Oxford 4/4 size violin outfit, with case, bow, and rosin. Good entry level instrument. $189.95

15140C 4/4 Franz Hoffmann violin (used, 1998.) This glossy fiddle has a clear and resonant tone. Comes with bow and hardshell case. $200.00

15268 Palatino VN-450 (barely used, 2012) violin outfit, ultra-clean, with travelite case and bow. $169.00

15154 Karl Knilling labelled 4/4 violin outfit (used, c.1986) with Caspari pegs, hardshell case, bow, and rosin. $300.00

13039 4/4 Violin w/ case and bow. $320.00

15173C Palatino VN-450 violin outfit; a good quality entry-level violin outfit. Comes with case, bow, rosin, peg dope, pitch pipe, and instruction books. $195.00

15180 Anonymous 20th Century Strad copy 4/4 violin with highly flamed one-piece back and matching sides. Rosewood fittings (pegs, tailpiece, end button, chinrest, and shoulder rest) are all accented with gold hardware. The fingerboard end is decorated with a clipper ship in scrimshaw. An excellent hardshell case with built-in hygrometer is included. $1,200.00

  15104 Academy violin outfit, 4/4 size, ebony fittings, with protective case, cherrywood bow, and rosin. Excellent starter outfit. $195.00

15229C West German 15 1/2'' viola, (used, c.1950s) copy of 1713 Stradivarius, comes with shoulder rest, bow, viola mute, and hardshell case. This is an unserviced instrument, to be sold "AS-IS." $800.00 (As-Is)


14523 Cremona 1/4 size violoncello outfit (used, 1998) with bag and bow. Instrument and case are excellent. Bow is mediocre, but functional. $250.00

We can special order fractional string instruments any time. Currently in stock:

8769C Anonymous violin, 3/4 size, inked-on purfling, student instrument with chipboard case. $150.00

11465 German made 3/4 Violin, Strad copy (used, c.1930) repaired and signed by the late John Homovics in 1997; we've supplied it with new strings, fine-tuning tailpiece, battered, but useful, coffin case, bow, and chinrest. This would be a good learning instrument for the three-quarter sized person in your family! $180.00 (As-Is)

15258 E.R. Pfretzschner 3/4 violin, model A211/C (used, 1979) with Caspari pegs, four fine tuners and chinrest. Does not come with case and bow, but those are available if need be. Good beginner instrument. $195.00

14580 Strad copy violin, 1/2 size (used, c. 1900) with beautifully flamed back, sides, and neck. Comes with bulletproof, childproof 1/2 size hardshell case, and excellent bow. $200.00

15278 Cremona SV-140 1/4 size violin outfit. This violin is just the thing for that smaller size student. Comes with travelite case, bow and rosin. $269.95

15195 Cremona SV-130 1/8 size violin outfit. Great entry level instrument for that beginner student. Comes with travelite case and bow. $199.95


We always have a number of Brazilian, Chinese, European and other bows on hand. Call for detailed information on our current stock.

12539 Fu Yiner snakewood bow with beautiful buffalo horn translucent frog. $700.00

14575 Elegant 4/4 violin bow, octagonal pernambuco stick with simulated whalebone grip. Distinctive fully lined frog and tension button are festooned with abalone pearl and mother of pearl. $350.00

8073 4/4 cello bow, pernambuco with very pretty fully lined frog and abalone slide; new leather and silver grip. Weight: 73.4 grams, balance: 9 1/4 inches. $400.00

15247C 4/4 violin bow; stamped "A. Schneider" needs rehair and new tip; to be sold AS-IS. $50.00 (As-Is)

15248C 4/4 size Steel violin bow made c.WWII by the Heddon fishing lure company, and stamped "Heddon C". $200.00

15249C Longest violin bow we've ever seen (35 1/4"!) Has a full load of hair, but needs a new grip. To be sold AS-IS. $150.00

We also carry rosin, shoulder rests, strings, cases, and other violin accessories.